Fox Creek Farm CSA
Community Supported Agriculture
Joining Fox Creek Farm CSA is like starting a garden without having to garden: pick up your extremely fresh and high quality produce at one of our sites, and bring home the taste of the family garden!

Fox Creek Farm owned by Sara and Raymond Luhrman, and is located in Gallupville. During the growing season, the farm harvests some of the best locally grown produce available for its CSA members. 

On this website, you'll find more information about our CSA, and the farm. 2015 marks our 12th year of growing for our CSA members -  thanks to all who help us do what we most enjoy!

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Support a viable, small family farm and eat some of the best locally grown produce available!

(c) Fox Creek Farm, 2015.
Fox Creek Farm is on Facebook. Click on the image below to visit!
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End-of-season CSA member questionnaire: summary findings (link to PDF)