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In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Fox Creek Farm is making home deliveries.

Your farmers

Since 2003, Raymond and Sara Luhrman are committed to make Fox Creek Farm a success. Sara, who came to Gallupville from California by way of the Peace Corps in West Africa, and brought a long-standing interest in agriculture to the table.

You would never know that Raymond, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, did not have any farming experience prior to coming to America. His ability to research, use his hands, and ask questions when needed made him the perfect partner on the farm.

farm crew at fox creek farm

Sara and Raymond both enjoy the challenge of growing exceptional produce, and making a living off the land: something neither of them thought possible became a reality with the help of friends, fellow farmers, and their CSA member community!

Fox Creek Farm summer produce share

Your farm

Fox Creek Farm is in Gallupville, Schoharie County, about 40 minutes southwest from downtown Albany. Our mostly silty loam soils are on a 100-acre old English deed: old dug wells and the remains of an earlier farmhouse foundation stand testament to the long agricultural tradition of the land.

We are committed to organic agriculture, and grow our produce using organic farming practices. Annual fallows, cover crops, compost, and some mineral amendments when needed provide us the soil fertility needed to grow exceptional produce. We don’t use GMO’s, treated seeds, or synthetic pesticides.

Garlic harvest at Fox Creek Farm

Our CSA program: A farmer’s choice select weekly harvest

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We’d rather call it a commitment to a “Farmer’s Choice Select Weekly Harvest”.

Time has changed the relationships between the farm and community – when the CSA acronym was coined in 1985, organically produced food was hard to find. CSA members were actively securing farmland, looking for farmers to grow their food. But that’s no more.

Lettuce transplants in the greenhouse

Fox Creek Farm strives to foster an unique relationship between you and the farm – where else can you directly talk to the people that actually grow your food?

We bring you a Farmer’s Choice Select Weekly Harvest, of fresh, ripe produce in exchange for your commitment buying a share in the season’s harvest. We walk the fields and pick the vegetables when they are at their prime.

It’s your way to flavorful, organically produced, locally grown, fresh and high-quality produce – topped with the support of a beautiful small family farm & delivered to your door!

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Checking on just transplanted broccoli, set out with our waterwheel transplanter