German Red hardneck garlic

German Red
hardneck garlic

German Red
hardneck garlic

German Red
hardneck garlic

German Red hardneck garlic

Garlic for seed and table

We sell garlic for seed and table, and our 2019 crop will be ready for shipping starting September 1st. Minimum order before shipping $ 25.

Pricing for 2019 is as follows:

1-5 pounds, $ 17.50/pound
6-10 pounds, $ 15/pound
> 10 pounds, $ 13.50/pound

We ship our largest bulbs for seed garlic

How to order: Send us an email ( with your name, address and phone number. In your email, tell us how much garlic you would like to buy. We will pack the garlic, figure the shipping (cheapest USPS rate), and invoice you through Paypall, so you can pay by credit card. Upon receipt of your payment, we will mail you your order. Cash payments are only possible when you pick up at the farm.

About our German Red garlic: We have been growing from the same stock since 2002, and have improved further on this local seed stock by selecting the largest heads for re-planting. By
making this systematic selection, our garlic is specifically suited to our local climate and soils, and at this time returns consistently 7 pounds per pound planted when well cared for (mulching, weeding, watering). At this time, we grow slightly over 1/3 of an acre of garlic, or 34,000 heads

Diseases: As this garlic is from a closed system, our seed stock remains free of garlic bloat nematode (search the internet to learn more about this important garlic disease).

How we grow our garlic: we plant our garlic in October on 48" beds, 5 rows, cloves spaced 6" in the row. We mulch the garlic after planting. In the spring, we check if all cloves are coming through the mulch - if not, we thin the mulch so they can. Between the emergence of the garlic and the harvest, we hand weed the crop and water when needed, and may apply some organic source of nitrogen if needed. We also clip the scapes. Harvest is usually around the third week of July (we harvest when about 5 green leaves remain).

Garlic seed-order math: Average number of cloves/head is 10. One pound of large garlic contains about 8 heads. So one pound produces 80 cloves. We plant 10 cloves in one foot, on a 48" wide, 5 row bed. One pound plants about 8 bed foot.
Curing: At harvest, we clip tops and roots. Curing takes place in the greenhouse. After two weeks of sunny weather, we're able to move the garlic to long term storage in our barn.

Grading: We grade our garlic with an antique Boggs potato and onion grader. Our seed garlic is the largest size that comes off the grader, about 2" in diameter or better..
BUY FARM DIRECT: Better for you, better for the farmer!
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