Healthy transplants

Soil health: Cover crops

Crop rotation & pest control

Weed control: hoeing corn

Seed selection and transplant production

Fox Creek Farm is Certified Naturally Grown, and uses organic farming practices. We select seeds for vigor, productivity, and disease resistance. We never use treated or GMO seeds.

All transplants (starts) are grown on the farm in our propagation greenhouse. We use an organic potting soil mix with great results, and let nature do the rest!

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Soil Health

After the glaciers went through the Fox Creek valley, we were blessed with a nice deposit of Lansing silty loam. Between clay and sand, we got the benefits of moisture retention, while the soil is also reasonably well drained.

We believe healthy soils are an essential key to growing great produce, so we take great care of our "dirt", by using crop rotation, cover crops, and carefull tillage techniques.

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approach to soil health
Weed and pest control

Our approach to soil health is complementary to our weed and pest control. Crop rotation breaks pest and disease cycles, and gives us the opportunity to reduce the weed seed bank.

When we take a piece of land into production, we weed mechanically using our cultivator equipment, if necessary followed up by well-timed hand weeding to stay on top of the weeds that got away.

In our organic system, insect pests stay largely below levels of agronomic significance. We use some organically approved (OMRI) pesticides and fungicides only when there is no other way to save the crop.

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